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Mold is Toxic - Don't take the risk

Black mold can cause many health-related issues, and the effects can range from mild to severe. Some of these health issues include:

  • Eczema or unusual rashes
  • Increased food sensitivities
  • Constant headache & Brain Fog
  • Runny nose - Watery eyes
  • Excessive coughing or respiratory issues
  • Many more

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Mold Can Develop Anywhere and Anytime

A home can seem to look beautiful on the outside for a seemingly long period of time, though problems usually arise from the inside. When this happens, it usually takes some time for homeowners to notice these problems and due to this, more health hazardous problems may start to form like molds. Homes and structures too often provide many opportunities for mold spores to grow, sometimes even in the absence of water leaks. This is why we at Edmonton mold removal take our work very seriously.

Molds which can be commonly seen in homes is a non-scientific term for many types of unwanted fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors. Just like humans, mold seeks moisture, warmth and food, though unlike humans, all three conditions are necessary for it to grow. Mold growths or colonies can start to grow on a damp surface within 24 to 48 hours and can reproduce easily through spores that travel through the air. Which means that a simple damp area around the house can cause mold growth.

Mold spores can easily thrive and reproduce in wet or damp parts of your home. These are usually areas where leakage has occurred like, roofs, pipes or walls. They can also thrive in areas where there are house plants, especially the ones that are overwatered. Seepage through foundation walls, cellar floors, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, window condensation, defective plumbing, damp bathrooms and air filters can also cause unwanted mold growth in your home.

Actively-growing mold damages the material it lives on, and it can grow in a lot of places. Mold or mildew can grow on your carpet, paper, cardboard, ceiling tiles, ductwork, books, paint, rugs, wallpaper, drapes, upholstery, wallboards, household dust, cloth, leather and wood. If you see mold growing in areas around your home, it is best to get it removed immediately. There can be a lot of types of mold, however, there are some types that can be toxic such as the toxic black mold or Stachybotryschartarum sp. which is the scientific term.

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The Dangers of Mold Growth

Structural integrity

Mold thrives and feeds on organic materials in the common household and damages the area where it lives on. This can be dangerous if the mold has been in the same area for a long time since it can create damages that can harm the structural integrity of your home.

Health Hazards

Some people are more susceptive to mold health hazards than others, however, when a toxic black mold is growing within the confines of your home, it can be said that no one is safe. Mold reproduces through spores released in the air. If ingested or inhaled, one can experience a range of unpleasant symptoms sometimes even dangerous.

Black mold symptoms and health effects are mostly associated with the respiratory system. Chronic coughing and sneezing, mucous membranes of the nose and throat, irritation to the eyes, chronic fatigue, persistent headaches and sometimes rashes can all be symptoms of black mold poisoning. In some cases of prolonged exposure symptoms often accompanied by an allergic reaction to black mold spores can bring worse symptoms like nausea, vomiting, and even bleeding in the lungs and nose.

There is no safer option to take than prevention or mold removal if mold growth has already occurred. Edmonton mold removal specializes in the delicate and preventive process of removing hazardous molds from homes, making sure that every client is free of the numerous hazards that is usually accompanied by mold growth.

The Mold Removal Process

We at Edmonton mold removal take the process of removing and remediating your home of hazardous mold very seriously. Since mold and mildew can grow within 24-48 hours in a damp environment, we at Edmonton mold removal make it a top priority to prevent mold growth from happening again.

  1. Visual Inspection

A visual inspection must first be conducted to identify the areas affected by mold growth around the house. This is also to identify the causes of mold growth, whether it be moisture, plumbing problems or hidden leakages.

  1. Documentation of Mold situation

In order to ensure that the most thorough work possible can be done, we document the mold situation of your home first with pictures, photos and writing. This will be used to create a remediation plan where project based questions will be answered. The remediation plan will comprise of the schedule, who will be performing the remediation and if any necessary testing is needed.

  1. Determine the extent of the mold situation

Knowing the extent of the problem is an integral part of the mold removal process since it would determine how much work is needed to be done. Since the goal of mold removal is to clean up and prevent mold from growing within the home, it is vital to calculate the extent of the problem in order to make sure that the most thorough work is done.

  1. Remediate mold contamination

Mold remediation involves the cleaning up of the existing mold while avoiding exposure to our professionals and the homeowners as well. The remediation process also involves the prevention of further mold growth by addressing the moisture source. This process might require the repair of different water problems existing in the home, suppression of dust, removal of wet and mold-damaged materials and the drying of the areas affected by mold growth.

What it looks like to have mold removed

Clients who have experienced the before and after effects of mold removal will experience a sigh of relief, a better respiratory experience in the area where mold growth occurred and an overall cleaner home. Since mold growth can occur in damp areas after the mold removal process, homes will be a lot cleaner, have water problems repaired and will have a better smell than when it had mold growth occurring. Though the process might involve the removal of some of the materials in your home, this will ensure the prevention of the mold growth from happening again. If you experience or spot mold growth in the areas around your home, it is best to call an expert like Edmonton mold removal to handle the job. After all, who would want to risk their health within the confines of their own home?

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